by Tiana Feng

Stephen Paul Smoker hails from Chicago and built his skill around touring with mewithyou and the Mint. His new EP Violent Sun/Violent Fun is quite a hypnotic and psychedelic ride.

The EP begins with My Summer’s Waning Glow an upbeat bright track that almost sorta reminds me of Cut Copy. You get entranced by the subtle changes in the background noises. Hide and Tell is a somewhat noisy track, its all about the shoegaziness in this track and the ability to drown you with sound. It’s almost as if they took the title in a literal sense with the vocalist hiding behind a wall of sound telling his story.

Oh Daniel is less distorted featuring Maria the keyboardist on vocals. There’s a really interesting guitar part that starts 2 and a half minute in before the layers of sound just keep building on top of it. It’s a wonderful track to listen to headphones (I mean who doesn’t listen to this sorta thing on headphones?).

By the sounds of the title you know that Sacrifice is going to be a darker track. It’s darker but you can actual hear crisp vocals. The guitars in this track are acoustic unlike the previous tracks. There’s something about the percussion part of this song that makes it so playful.

Don’t Let Me Down is another track with acoustic guitar. Stephen’s voice here echoes throughout and sort of puts you in a weird trance at the end of every sentence. The last track Seed of Hate returns you to the sound you heard in the beginning in My Summer’s Waning Glow. The sound returns to the sort of upbeat psychadelic shoegazing with some interesting instrumentals at the end that really sound like they closed the album.
Listen via Bandcamp:
<a href="">Sacrifice by Stephen Paul Smoker</a>


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