by Tiana Feng

Inspired by Knoxroad‘s iTunes Mixery, I’m going to start IPOD SHUFFLE MUSIC MONDAYS. One of us each week is going to put their iPod on shuffle each week and post the 10 tracks that appear. No edits, we will show our true embarassing selves. Although of the group, I’m probably the one with the most largest collection of embarrassing music. So Let’s GO.

1.Jan Stevens- End Credit Score[audio:] For some odd reason or other, I happen to have 6 seasons worth of the music found on Scrubs. The show did feature some great classic songs though.
2.Girl Talk- Step to it From the album Unstoppable. One of his shorter tracks.
3.Rasputina- AntiqueHighHellRedDollShoes[audio:]I love Melora Kreager, she has such a badass personality and comeon she plays cello rock.
4.Dir En Grey- Hydra (Buzzout Remix)[audio:]This is a rather bizarre track by the Japanese band off their album Kai.
5.Akon- Could You Be The Reason[audio:]Wow I didn’t even know I had an Akon album on there.
6. Ayumi Hamazaki- A Song is Born[audio:]I used to have a little bit of a j-pop thing going on when I was 16.
7. 30 Seconds to Mars- Battle of One[audio:]This is from the album Beautiful Lie. I’m a rocker at heart and 30 Seconds to Mars is one of my fav rock bands.
8.Lady Gaga- Bad Romance (Bugzz Electro Remix)[audio:]I probably have about 50+ remixes of Lady Gaga songs.
9.Atreyu- Congregation of the Damned[audio:] These guys are pretty damn awesome live too.
10. Stars- Life Effect[audio:]From Heart of 2006, old album, but still one of my favorite things in the world

You were lucky this time around, nothing was too bad, it gets a lot worse.