by Tiana Feng

Last night in the middle of the Canadian National Exhibition, Bedouin Soundclash and opener Charlie Winston played a concert among hundreds of fans as well as passerbyers.

The concert was free with entrance to the park. I won entrance because I like to enter contests. Before the event Bedouin Soundclash’s music I have listened to, but I wasn’t sure who Charlie Winston was although of course we’ve all heard “Like a Hobo” before.

If you don’t know Charlie Winston is a folk singer/songwriter from the UK. His members include harmonica player Ben Edwards, and bassist Daniel Marsala. Last night was their drummer Medi’s last show before he released his own solo career. They played a very audience engaging set list of songs off their latest album Hobo. From what I remember the set included Generation Spent, I Love Your Smile, In Your Hands, Kick the Bucket, Like a Hobo, My Life as a Duck and. Until you see them live you don’t actually know how great of musicians they are on their instruments and their ability to be creative. Charlie Winston is a master of vocables and the band was so great at beatboxing you couldn’t even tell when they started a song beatboxing and moved to the same sounds on their instruments.

Here’s a video from last night of them playing Generation Spent. Here you see some amazing xylophone playing as well as instrument layering.

Between set changes, it the rain started to pour violently and it delayed the concert for a while so that Bedouin wouldn’t get electrocuted. But despite the rain, Toronto native reggae band, Bedouin Soundclash still played for an audience of hundreds. I was at the front and I looked back at the benches and people were sitting and standing at them even though they were drenched in rain. For sure there were tons of fans in the audience because Bedouin loved to stop singing and let their fans fill in the choruses, even in the beginning of songs. Their setlist included Shelter, Until We Burn in the Sun (The Kids Just Want a Love Song),Walls Fall Down,LullabySt. Andrews, When the Night Feels My Song and a cover of Ben E King’s Stand By Me.

Here’s of Bedouin playing Until We Burn in the Sun (The Kids Just Want a Love Song).

Here’s Lullaby and you can hear everybody singing along in the background (including me).
All in all it was a great show with two very entertaining artists that made standing in the rain worth it.

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