It was like Sunday morning when I was chatting it up with my dude Mikey from Blackbird Blackbird and he sent me this new song of his that blew me away. The one thing I really enjoy about his music is that he puts a new twist on the “chillwave” genre with every project he makes. This is something that many bands with that title are incapable of. A lot of them are still coming through with the simple ass kick-snare-kick-snare pattern over like two chords of synth. That stuff is cool at first, but how much of that can a band do? Mikey is sick with it in terms of adding new things into his music. This track contains great lyrics, and I’ll have to say that high pitched sample you can’t quite make out sounds ill as hell on this track. Props to Mikey, and be sure to check this track out below!

Oh yeah, and I’ll be posting here now from time to time!!

Blackbird Blackbird- Modern Disbelief