by willww

Multi-platinum producer and DJ David Guetta has opened the way for many DJ’s to start working and collaborating with many other famous artists to produce serious dancefloor hits. When Love Takes Over feat. Kelly Rowland, Memories feat. Kid Cudi and not to mention 2010’s ultimate party track I Got A Feeling by The Black Eyed Peas were all produced by Guetta.

I really did not expect anything more than a picnic table setup from Guetta and a few of his tracks, but man was I really, really wrong.

Seeing David live was certainly something special and totally blew me away. His stage was the largest L.E.D. stage I’d ever seen and provided the best visual treat totally complimenting the music and was certainly not expected. The show starts off with an ‘ARE YOU READY’ pasted on the stage screen as David gives us an introduction and really winding up the crowd’s eager anticipation before all the lights come on and we’re introduced to massive, quick moving visuals which are synced as soon as the first beat begins.

I’m a real sucker for visuals, and was surprised even further as they didn’t stop there, halfway into the show, the crowd are greeted by two L.E.D. clad robots walking onto the stage sporting lasers for arms, pyrotechnics and smoke jetpacks! – a real treat for the eyes since Avatar ;).

The music was another huge +1 for David as he did more than just ‘Play & Mix’ music as there were some elements of live producing, something which I only thought deadmau5 did, making him totally worthy of the award of Best House DJ. He played several of his own tracks as well as mashing heavy hitting tunes with all-time classics like Swedish House Mafia’s ‘One’ with Robin S’s ‘Show Me Love’ and also throwing in some brand new tracks like in the video below!

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All in all, if you love the party vibe or you just want to shout "F*** Me I'm Famous!", you will not want to miss seeing David Guetta Live ;).
Here's a compilation of some clips taken during the show.

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