by Tiana Feng

I love food, I think almost just as music. If I had the time I would have a food blog as well. I’m completely addicted to the food network. So I said hey why not a food playlist. Here’s some songs that will make your mouth water!

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1. The Beatles- Savoy Truffle[audio:]
2. Kelis- Milkshake[audio:]
3.Jeff Tweedy- Pecan Pie[audio:]
4.Theboychild- Salad Days
[soundcloud url=””]
5.The Groovers-Chicken Noodle
[soundcloud url=””]
6.Double Dutch- Steak Sauce[audio:]
7.Tokyo Police Club- Favourite Food[audio:]
8.Hezekiah Jones- Cupcakes for the Army[audio:]
9.King Curtis- Bacon is Good for Me (Josh Money Remix)[audio:]
10.Crowded House- Chocolate Cake[audio:]
11.Leisure Society- Pancake Day[audio:]
12.Braden Le Porta- The Pho Song(this is dedicated to @loudersoft)