by Tiana Feng
My fav posts to write and some of the most successful have been the MUSIC FROM COMMERCIALS posts I do every Tuesday. Out of that people started to ask me to identify other tracks and things from everything else: concerts, movies, TV shows, so I decided to start a new feature every Thursday. So, have you seen a concert lately and have a vid of a song that your not sure of? Or seen a movie or TV show with a track you really want? Or are you a band who’s music has been featured in a TV/movie? Get at me and your dreams will be fulfilled in a future post. You can post in comments or if you’re too shy e-mail me at Here we goooo!
Eat Pray Love
Eddie Vedder- Better Days[audio:]

Seoul Streets (some random youtube vid)
This was a really random request but itsAir- Mer du Japon[audio:]

Splinter Cell Intro
Crystal Method- Name of the Game[audio: Method – Name Of The Game.Mp3]

The Other Guys (movie)
I swear these guys have like 3 videos of the same song, but this is the version for “The Other Guy’s” soundtrack. It is Goldfrapp’s Ooh La La