by Tiana Feng

Their self-titled album Interpol will be their 4th album. The rich narrative of the album is what is most appealing.

It’s Paul Bank’s voice that makes this story telling possible. You get some happy, joyful tracks in the beginning in songs such as “Success” and then by the end the mood shifts and becomes sort of morose like in The Undoing He goes from being a man with hopes and dreams to someone who seems to have lost those things by the end.

Memory Serves has some interesting soundscapes beneath an otherwise straightforward song. Lights which was previously leaked by the band before the album is still probably my favorite tracks off the album. Maybe the album just hasn’t grown on me yet.

I honestly got a little bit bored by the “depressing” side of the album. Sure there a some interesting soundscapes and things, but I feel like they were trying a little bit too hard to be extravagant and genre bending which bands like Arcade Fire do better. An example of this is The Undoing where it has the touch of psychedelic noises mixed in with some string instruments. This is the last track of the album and leaves us a little lost by the end, like the story of the narrative. Musically, I’m not the biggest fan of the album, but I do think the narrative makes it worth the listen.

Interpol- Lights[audio:]
Interpol- The Undoing[audio:]

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