by Tiana Feng

I first heard Chilli Gonzales in the iPad Commercial that was in my MUSIC FROM COMEMRCIALS post last week and I dug the track so I grabbed the album. For an album that is mostly electronic/instrumental music without vocals I found it quite delightful.

Ivory Tower is actually the name of a film that he writes and stars in and this is the soundtrack. Haha, sounds a little egotistical. I can’t believe this dude less than 30k views on The music is great and the dude is hilarious.

Knight Moves the first track of the album reminds me of something waking up and slowly becoming more alive with its delicate piano and well thought out strings, vocals and other sounds. Just when you’re getting used to the nice instrumentals, he utters his first words 1:42 into I Am Europe, “I’m a dog shit ashtray” wtf? and he just keeps going on about pretentious people in Europe in the most entertaining way and somehow, musically it worked.

The iPad commercial that I was talking about before featured the instrumental intro to Never Stop which really didn’t tell you much about a song that is like the only full rap track of the album. I have to say that his vocals are always entertaining, whether how inappropriate, “My position is doggy, I come from behind.” but the way he says it is so catchy.

Overall the album has very few vocals, besides the random interjections now and then. Ivory Tower still remains a piano-dominant album which is what he’s most known for. There are synths and down tempo instruments sometimes such as in Bittersuite. I didn’t mind that some of the instrumentals were stretched out (it is a soundtrack afterall) but I think some people might find it too much. One of my fav tracks is probably The Grudge because of a combination of a simple yet great piano part and some hilarious lyrics.

I thought the album lacked coherency a little bit or maybe it does represent the movie but I have no idea what its about, although after listening to this album I really do wanna watch it just to see how the music will be implemented. Ivory Towers really showed off existentialist Chilly Gonzales’ amazing piano skills as well as some well produced tracks by Boyz Noise. I feel bipolar, the instrumental tracks make me so calm and at peace and then you hear the vocals and it takes a 360.

Chilly Gonzales- Never Stop[audio:]
Chilly Gonzales- I am Europe[audio:]
Chilly Gonzales- Bittersuite[audio:]


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