by Tiana Feng

I’ve been on a female-vocalist binge lately after listening to the Pretty Reckless so when I stumbled on this I was kinda intrigued. White Dress is fronted by female vocalist Arum Rae from Austin Texas. The indie rock band packs its own sort of attitude. The sound sounds very raw, yet intentional. You get the hazy vocals, and use of feedback noises (tiny bit too much). For an EP there is a perfect mix of slower songs and the faster more fun and edgy tracks.

White Dress- Wearing Red
White Dress – Wearing Red by shadowParadigm
White Dress- Five Feet of Road
White Dress – Five Feet of Road by shadowParadigm
White Dress-The Kill
White Dress – The Kill by shadowParadigm
White Dress-No Solid State
White Dress – No Solid State by shadowParadigm
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