by Tiana Feng

Hailing from Northampton MA, NYC UFOS packs a great polished sounding sound for a band with less than 2k views on MySpace and I think they deserve some hype and listens from our readers.

Their sound is a mix of indie, some hazy dream pop, and a little bit of psychedelic noises. For a demo tape, this is better than some peoples debut albums. The only critical comment I might make is that some tracks I get lost in the hazy noise and can’t hear the lyrics so much, mainly in the demo tracks. It might just be that those were recorded differently. Definitely give them a chance though, if this is their demo, who knows that they have in store in the future.
1.NYC UFOs- Any Other Time[audio:]
2.NYC UFOs- Give it To You[audio:]
3.NYC UFOs- I See You[audio:]
4.NYC UFOs- There Goes My Ego[audio:]
5.NYC UFOs- I Want to Fall In Love[audio:]
6.NYC UFOs- NYC UFOS(demo)[audio:]
7.NYC UFOs- Glass (demo)[audio:]
8.NYC UFOs- Oh Little Bird (demo)[audio:]
9.NYC UFOs- No Place No. 6 (demo)[audio:]
10.NYC UFOs- Teeth (demo)[audio:]

2 Responses

  1. jurbanik

    Oh, good ol’ Northampton. I’ve spent quite a few bored days up there… I wonder if any of my friends know these guys.

    As for the music, cool stuff. I almost get the sense that the shoegazing is intentional and that that might correspond to the lo-fi haze you’re hearing.

    Oh, and also… I got tired of your banner not linking back to your home page, so I decided to make you this even less useful one :D.

    • teepoo

      Not all their tracks are the same haziness, just the demo ones. The others sound pretty clean. Hahaha, I’m still on so I can’t seem to get the stupid banner to not link back to the homepage LOL. the bold title does though.