by Tiana Feng

Ramona’s music is often described as “simple, noisy, and infectious power pop”. The four piece band hails from my homeland Toronto, Ontario. However they’ve been known to play in different parts of the world including London and Tokyo.

The band was never planned, it just sorta ended up happening some how. Founded by Dave fritz, a guitarist who loved to gig he ended up in a band after people started to find interest in his music.

Their first EP Mornington Crescent Now Open was recorded in Toronto and the band made an effort to “make a recording that was rough around the edges and organic, a sonic departure from the heavily produced rock albums that dominate the music scene in North America.” Fritz had performed in Japan a number of times, and he loved it so much he wrote “Kids in Tokyo” as a salute and you can really hear the influences in the fast paced track of fun.

Here’s the official video:
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