By Sweet Sound of Sunrise

Tony Maiella, American-born singer and guitarist who performs under the name Tomn – in honour of bossa nova pioneer Tom Jobim – fell in love with Rio de Janeiro when backpacking across South America in 2005. Since then, he has adapted Brazilian elements into his music and learned to speak Portuguese. In late 2009, he teamed up with a group of musicians in Boston and in Rio to record a bilingual EP of musical exploration.

The songs are both in English and Portuguese, and feature Tomn’s soothing vocals over complex instrumental arrangements and electronic ambience. This, combined with the mild dissonance of bossa nova minor keys, gives the tracks a dreamy, surreal feel – like the music that might be playing in your head when you’re alone in a rainforest. Altogether, the EP sounds like a love affair between a man and Brazil expressed through music.

The EP, mixed by Tchad Blake and mastered by Bob Ludwig, will be released on August 27th. Going to be in Somerville, MA then? Check out the release party.
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