by Tiana Feng

I worked at Rivoli during NXNE and thats when I first heard of Tim Chaisson and the Morning Fold. They were openers of the night and showed up just in time. One of the members in the band had gotten locked out on a balcony at an apartment they were staying at and thought that he could make it if he jumped. He broke his leg and was in a hospital somewhere and the other members had to look for him but they made it just before their set at 9!

Tim Chaisson and the Morning Fold is an alternative rock band from Prince Edward Island, Canada where they are quite known around those parts. Their latest Broken Hearted Beated fuses pop, indie and folk together. Tim Chaisson is quite the hunk in the title track Broken Hearted Beat.
What makes him unique is that you can really hear some hidden influences of his east coast heritage. His bandmates like most of the great bands are multi-instrumentalists who can play almost anything if needed.