by Tiana Feng

Flashlight Radio is an indie/folk band from Toronto, Ontario. It is led by bassist Ben Whitley (whom was in a lot of my University classes) and Suzy Wilde. There’s other member who join them frequently: Daniel Stadnicky, Dan Roth, Maddy Wilde and Liam Titcomb.

Their songs are full of heart, warming yours with songs of childhood and love for people and for a home far away. They’ve appeared on CBC radio countless times as well as made appearances in major music festivals in Canada like North by North East. Suzy’s angelic voice is perfectly supported by Ben and the other great instrumentalists that play with the group who are all solid musicians.

From their self titled EP here is a track with the same name:
Flashlight Radio- Flashlight Radio[audio:]
Visit their Myspace to hear a higher quality version/more of their music!
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One Response

  1. jurbanik

    Always cool finding out that one of your classmates has this kind of talent.

    To be honest, I almost wish that the lofi mp3 you posted was the real version – though I’m generally one for hi-fi, the combination of the static and Suzy’s sweet sounding voice made this version seem a little more endearing than the one on their myspace.