by Tiana Feng

Some say Mike Posner could be the next Justin Timberlake. Does the dance-pop producer turned singer-songwriter prove this claim right in his debut album?

Before this release, I think he had 2 mixtapes. One of which contained the track that is a little overplayed on the radio Cooler Than Me which has also been rereleased on 31 Minutes to Takeoff. Its the song that got him picked up by J. Records.

The CD is full of simple catchy melodies and danceable beats that will probably get remixed a thousand times. Deja Vu features Boys II Men in a sultry dance ballad which ingeniously features samples from Ray LaMontagne’s ‘You Are the Best Thing’ on ‘Do U Wanna?. Some of the tracks are produced by Greg Kurstin who has worked with Ke$sha, Lily Allen and Kylie.

Gone in September from a distance sounds like such an innocent song with its sweet melodies but really its pretty evil track about cheating. He is no innocent boy. Cheated features the chorus “I shoulda cheated on you/I was everything you wanted and more/ I shoulda cheated on you/Nobody told me I was dating a whore/”. I can already hear his songs playing in clubs around the world.

Mike Posner- Cheated

Mike Posner (feat. Boys II Men)- Deja Vu