by Tiana Feng

The Reign of Kindo is a jazzy rock band reigning from Buffalo, New York. If you’re a John Mayer or Michael Buble fan you are sure to dig this group of guys.

The title of their first album, Rhythm, Chord and Melody really explained a ton about them. Their music is full of beautiful harmonies and arrangements, soulful melodies and captivating rhythms.

This is What Happens does not stray far away from this. I’m a piano player so I really love Kelly Sciandra and his power rock/jazz piano chords and improvisations found throughout. They add an element of depth and drama to songs mixed with the normal rock set up and violin. Sadly this album will be the last album with Kelly because he is leaving to pursue other musical things in Boston.

What makes the band a great group is that they actually are talented musicians and not just people who know how to write simple catchy songs. You can hear this in the arrangement and instrumentation of everything. The vocals give me the goosebumps. They sound like musicians who have been playing together since they were out of the womb. Everything is so cohesive. They burst into craziness together, they calm down together. I think this song is the perfect example of this:
The Reign of Kindo- Comfort in the Orchestration[audio:]


I’m not sure why, but at the same time of their album release they released This is Also What Happens which is basically their entire album converted to sound like 8 bit video game music. I mean its a fun idea but at an album its sort of hard to listen to and unless you’re a die hard fan who needs to own all their albums, I don’t think you’d actually buy it in real life. Here is the same song as the above but in 8 bit:
The Reign of Kind- Comfort in the Orchestration (8bit version)[audio:]

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  1. jurbanik


    Good to see some other bloggers enjoying TiWH. I’m planning on writing a review soon once the record sinks in a little more – it is still growing on me.

    While Kelly leaving the band is certainly a shame, TRoK seems to already have a capable new guy one the keys (as seen here ). He needs a little more experience before he meshes with the band as well as Kelly, but is certainly very talented.

    Insofar as This is Also What Happens goes, I actually enjoy the 8bit versions. While they won’t get nearly as much play from me, hearing the nintendoesque sounds makes me a little giddy – certainly reminiscent of my childhood. That said, the additional album may be targeted at a different audience than the Mayer/Buble audience you think the band seems to cater to. Instead, TRoK might be looking to please the group of fans that enjoy the progressive rock influences and the technicality of the band.

    • teepoo

      For sure! The appeal to both my progressive rock side and jazzy more classical side. The more I listen to this album, the more I appreciate them. The 8 bit is fun, but not something I would listen to all the time.

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