I happened to stumble across this CD the other day and I already find myself singing along with this American indie-pop trio’s insanely catchy lyrics. This is the first full album released by Best Coast, and I have a feeling that its songs will soon be featured in just about every teenage drama on television.

The group has a really interesting sound, which has been described lo-fi 60s garage rock, although I found it to be quite reminiscent of classic rock bands like Fleetwood Mac and Heart. The songs are all relatively simple and upbeat, with fun lyrics that remind me of all the drama of high school. I really enjoyed this sound, but as a whole album “Crazy for you” is a bit tedious to listen to for a full 31 minutes. Nevertheless, I recommend checking it out and adding the songs to your favourite lazy-day playlists.

Crazy For You is slowly becoming one of the soundtrack of my summers. The lyrics may be the the most simple, almost to the point of unintelligent with lazy rhyme schemes but thats what seems to make this album work. It’s just a really basic album conveying Bethany’s straightforwardness as an artist and as a person. Come on we’ve all seen that stupid 10 minute video of them smoking/talking about pot. I semi-wish she would stop conveying herself that way. Her music is actually great, almost endearing with lyrics that could hook teenage girl’s hearts. Step aside Katy Perry.
-Tiana Feng

Best Coast- When I’m With You[audio:http://www.5scorepachyderm.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/06/Best_Coast_-_When_Im_With_You.mp3]