by Tiana Feng
photo cred: bigdaddyhame Photocredit: bigdaddyhame
In order to advertise their new phone, Samsung held a free concert outside Union Station, a place sure to draw a crowd of curious onlookers. It was supposed to be a “secret concert” and Metric had not been announced to be there until Tuesday. However by 5:30, the streets were already filled with people. I got there at like 6, so I had a crappy place to stand and kept getting shooed off by security for being too near unauthorized areas. At 7 pm. a Samsung representative went on stage and started talking about the Samsung Galaxy S, but immediately got booed off stage by the thousands of fans that were awaiting Metric.

The set was only 45 minutes and snippets of Black Sheep, Satellite Mind, Help I’m Alive, Empty, Gold Guns Girls, Gimme Sympathy, Dead Disco, and Stadium Love mostly intro and chorus to pump up the audience. From where I was I couldn’t really see anything and if you weren’t within the barricades it was a little bit hard to hear Emily Haines voice. The guitars and drums could be heard miles away. Here’s are some videos I found from youtube from someone who was much closer:
Next time there’s a “secret free concert” I wont underestimate the power of twitter and arrive hours earlier.

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