Tiana Feng

Curt Smith is best known as a part of the band we all know as Tears for Fears before he had a debacle with fellow band member Roland Orzabal. Since then, Curt has been doing solo stuff and Perfectly Still will be his latest single set to release on August 12th. This collaboration of Melissa R. Kaplan and Curt was a twitter set up. Curt reached out to her on twitter, but she ignored him thinking it was a poser until she was eventually convinced. The two have never actually met in person. Curt sent her a track in progress and Melissa added vocals/instrumentation and like magic a song was born. Melissa’s sweet voice works well with Curt’s mellow tone. The arrangement of strings is perfect juxtaposition with a melody full of tension and release. For a collaboration of people that never met, it has so much heart that it seems like they’ve been working together all their lives.

The single does not come out August 12th, BUT I am allowed to give my readers a free listen. Go here. Username:listento Password:PerfectlyStill