by Tiana Feng

New York hip hop artist Manhattan introduces with the first track “The Glitter Dome” that really talks about himself as an artist. “Your gonna gravitate to this ultra magnetic rappin / but be for-warned what your in for is not your average anticks” and he keeps this promise throughout the album. The idea of the Glitter Dome is that he is trapped in his mind of broken thoughts like the glitter in his dome.
The album is very down to earth and real, he’s not trying to be some bad ass rapper here. The second track Anywhere else but here focuses on the dark paths of the youth. The atmosphere is completely changed from track 1 to 2. It begins with sounds of thunder, and his lyrics are the rain reflecting on the younger generation. Its Nuthin has a jazzy feel and somberly discuses that love is free and easier to give than to spread hate.

Don’t get me wrong, there are those badass tracks about girls. Countdown is an example of that. Most of the other tracks are produced by M.I.K.E, but this one is produced by Christian Rich, one of the newest additions to the Neptunes camp. Manhattan is a master of some cleverly worked lyrics, but you would have to hear it to see what I mean, take Countdown for example.

Oh and if you want truly badass take a listen to the angry track Pathetic “my dick is Jackie Gleason/Honeymoon sex” haha best lines ever, there is also a line about kung pao chicken I think is hilarious.

Manhattan and produce M.I.K.E did a great collaboration of great lyrics mixed with fun synth sound and rhythm. If you’re a hip hop fan I guarantee you’ll like at least one track on the album if not the whole thing.