by Tiana Feng

This adorable album artwork by Theo3 is quite appropriate for this album mixed by Canadian producer Emay. The songs are reinterpretations of Karen O’s work on the Where the Wild Things Are soundtrack. Karen O provided a framework with beautifully worked soundscapes and Emay remixed it.

The first track Igloo kicks it off with some addictive rhythms combined with Karen O’s tranquil voice and electronic sounds created by “the Kids” who are what the Yeah Yeah Yeahs frontwoman calls her collaborators.

CAPSIZE continues the very indie feel that started with the first track but then turns into something slightly more electronic almost dancelike and addictive.
I don’t know why, but I think Drift Rumpas is absolutely wonder in the way it was mixed. It took what was the most beautiful elements in the original and created something new that was both addictive and beautiful in a strange way.

The rest of the album continues to have the same effect. Beautiful soundscapes that were taken and made into addictive little indie tracks that make you want to hear more of what this artist has in store.

Download this album free on his website VINYL MELTDOWN. There’s lots of other great things to check out there as well!