by Tiana Feng
I’m secretly a nerd, and I bought Starcraft II the day after it came out so thats why I have been a little bit absent but don’t worry all your favourite posts will still be here! If you’re just as nerdy you can add me to your friend list ;):

So I thought it would be very appropriate that this week’s playlist be some epic music from past and present video games. :)

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1.Starcraft 2 Main Theme[audio:]
2.One Winged Angel from Final Fantasy 7[audio: – A One-Winged Angel.mp3]
3.Marilyn Manson- Resident Evil Main Theme[audio: monson-resident evil main theme.mp3]
4.Metal Gear Solid- The Best is Yet to Come[audio: The Best is Yet to Come.mp3]
5.Metal of Honor Frontline- Arnhem[audio: Of Honor Frontline/11_Arnhem.mp3]
6.Mass Effect- From the Wreckage[audio:]
7.Tom Clancy: Ghost Recon- The Ghost Theme[audio:]
8.Halo Main Theme (Mjolnir Mix)[audio:]
9.Gears of War 2 Main Theme[audio:]
10.Mortal Kombat Main Theme[audio:]