by Feeney

Great Big Sea is a band from St. John’s, Newfoundland, and is well known for their rock interpretations of folk songs and sea shanties. For those who love the group’s iconic sound, you will not be let down by their new album, which features story-like lyrics, and interesting instruments including the accordion, mandolin, concertina, harmonica, fiddle, bodhran and tin whistle.

I did not find that this album stood out from the group’s previous work, but it does add some great new track to the band’s repertoire. The album contains an enjoyable mix of upbeat folk-rock songs, a couple truly beautiful ballads, and some great narrative tracks. I was particularly impressed by the ballads (Follow Me Back and Safe Upon the Shore), which were so simple, but still powerful. If you’ve enjoyed this group’s previous work, then I really recommend checking their new album out!

My favourite song from this album – Long life (where did you go)