Tiana Feng

Prince was at it with his crazy CD distribution techniques again. Like Planet Earth, 20Ten was released for free inside The Daily Mirror a newspaper of the UK. He has always been known for his unconventional methods of distributing physical copies of music. It is his reluctance to give into iTunes and the internet that drives this. He hates internet so much he even closed down his official website. Prince had long stopped working for a large music corporation and had been making all the decisions himself for a long while. He had been known to give out CDs at concerts and would spew out new records at amazing pace unannounced, his biggest fans wouldn’t even expect it. The announcement of 20Ten was a gigantic surprise even to his biggest fans.

I had to listen to this a couple of times before I could have a valid opinion on it. The album grows on you over time. Prince never stops being Prince. In this album you’ll get the fun upbeat dance songs like Compassion and the much slower and sexy voiced songs such as Future Soul Song. Beginning Endlessly is my favourite track of the album because it shows that Prince can adjust his music to fit into what is popular today. Some of the other tracks on the album seem a bit dated.

In the past, Prince’s music would grow and change inconsistently, but 20Ten reminds us of some of his best work in the past few decades.
Prince- Beginning Endlessly[audio:http://groovebat.com/download/1gb.mp3]
Prince- Laydown (Bonus Track)[audio:http://groovebat.com/download/1gc.mp3] Laydown is track number 77 after 66 silent ones

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