by Tiana Feng

It’s summer time, meaning lot’s of ROAD TRIPS. Whether you are driving down to Chicago for p4k/Loolapalooza or just on the road to get away you probably have a playlist of songs that will take you there.

Taken from The Rough Guide Book of Playlist. Here is a list of classic road songs that don’t just sing about some anonymous road but points out roadside attractions and routes.

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1.Bobby Troup- Route 66[audio:]
2.Jackson Browne- Running On Empty[audio:]
3.Lucinda Williams- Lake Charles[audio:]
4.Ricky Lee Jones- Last Chance Texaco[audio:]
5.America- Ventura Highway[audio: Highway.mp3]
6.Paul Simon- Graceland[audio:]
7.Bob Seger- Roll Me Away[audio:]
8.Gene Pitney- 24 hours from Tulsa[audio:]
9.Kraftwerk- Autobahn[audio:]
10.Richard Clapton- Deep Water[audio:]