by Tiana Feng

UK artist Jo Hamilton, has the only prototype of an AirPiano in the world that is not used inside a lab. It is sort of like a soundboard that is controlled by waving your hands above it.

She reminds me of Sigur Ros a little bit. You don’t do the music justice if you don’t listen to it through some quality headphones. Taken from the film A New Instrument this is an original track called “Alive, Alive”. All the sounds here are played live. For this experimental/new age music, it is quite breath taking. Her deep voice mixed in with the wavering sounds in the background just gimme goosebumps (the good kind). The juxtaposition of sounds here just seem to create enough tension to keep you interested but not drive you away. Take a listen, but you better be wearing headphones to get the most out of the song!