by Tiana Feng
Anybody remember Jughead, the group who did the Hockey Song?
Well Dano, the harmonicaist (is that a word?) is doing something new! He is now known as AKA Sugarlips and his new album Harmonican Idol covers some of the top pop songs. However, I wish that the songs were rearranged, it sounds a tad cheesy to put a harmonica melody over the original (or similar sounding) background tracks.

I feel like it could have sounded more creative and put together if the background was a little less electronic to match the acoustic sound of a harmonica.

Take a listen to a cover of Lady Gaga’s Pokerface. The harmonica playing is awesome, but recording it over a similar arrangement just doesn’t quite do it justice.
AKA Sugarlips- Pokerface (Lady Gaga Cover)[audio:]