by Tiana Feng
Sorry was away last week but I AM BACK! Here returns one of your favourite posts! I do have to admit I haven’t seen any good commercials while I was away, but keep sending your requests in! Remember if your band has been featured in a commercial lately I’d love to know also!

Sapporo Beer
Original Music by Grayson Matthews. Check out his portfolio HERE. Its pretty freakin awesome.
iPhone 4
Louis Armstrong- When You’re Smiling (The Whole World Smiles With You)[audio: armstrong/sings – back through the years_a centenn/1-07 when you’re smiling (the whole.mp3]
Dell Inspirion
Explosion Robinson (Anthem Facility) vocals by Melati Malay- TRACE[audio:]
World Cup
Paul Johnson – Get Get Down (Nari & Milani Mix)[audio:]