by Tiana Feng

Five Alarm funk is an afro-funk orchestra from Vancouver, BC. The group has four percussionists, 2 guitars, a bass, trumpet, trombone and 2 saxophones that create a terrific blend of funk sound intertwined with afro-beat rhythms. The group has toured all over Canada and played at the Molson Canadian Hockey House after Canada struck gold in hockey at the Vancouver 2010 olympics.

Anything is Possible will be their third studio album release. The band never ceases to be a dance party. In the album you can hear very world inspired rhythm and melodic lines mixed into Western jazz and funk styles. The result is something that appeals to older jazz fans as well as the younger generation. The 11 track album never ceases to amuse as each track is varied a bit in style and influences. The album starts off with Infernal Monologue which begins with a children’s choir and then moves on to some creepy sounding licks that almost sound like heavy rock. The next track is some straight funk which then moves onto an entire album of very fun and diverse tunes that you should totally check out

Take a listen to middle-eastern inspired track, “Titan”.
Five Alarm Funk- Titan[audio:]

and a fun track called “Doctor Child”
Doctor Child.


2 Responses

  1. FunkEnthousiast

    These guys put on such a ridiculously good show, I can’t even begin to describe the energy that these guys bring to the table. I just wish I could get ahold of their records (I know, go buy it, its worth it, I know it is, but I can barely afford food/rent right now, music is second on the list) because I can’t find n-e torrents!

    I hope I get to see these guys play again! Keep real music alive!!

  2. Five Alarm

    This is our newly minted vid for everyone to get a glimpse of what Five Alarm Funk is like in concert… check it out!