by Tiana Feng

Despite 2009 being a disaster, the band made a comeback with King of the Beach. Instead of recording in their own home, the album was produced by Dennis Herring who also worked with Modest Mouse. The result is something that will surely be a soundtrack to their fan’s summers.

The title track “King of the Beach” reminds me of 1990’s surfer rock or a theme song for an old teen show.
Wavves- King of the Beach[audio:]
Some tracks are so “lol” like I don’t even know how to describe them. I feel like I am smoking weed or something. For example “When Will You Come” sounds like a messed up children’s song.
Wavves- When Will You Come[audio:]
My favourite track of the album is “Green Eyes” which to me shows a more intimate setting. There is use of great dynamics as well as tension and release from the smooth bells and vocals to match. If they were trying to prove that they have improved, than this was the track that did it.
Wavves- Green Eyes[audio:]
As a band, King of the Beach shows great improvement, but as part of the independent music scene the album does not really add anything new. Don’t get me wrong though, its a fun and interesting album to listen to that will probably be a part of our summer playlists.