by Tiana Feng

I have yet to see the movie, but I decided to explore the music. The soundtrack was written by Randy Newman who has scored the music for the past Toy Story movie’s as well and other Disney-pixar works such as “A Bug’s Life”, Cars, A Monster’s Inc and Princess and the Frog.

If you were looking for kids tunes to sing along to then this is not your soundtrack because thats really what its not. The soundtrack is classic Newman with its hint of Dixieland jazz, orchestral bursts, string overtures, harmonica and military marches that make instrumental music fun to listen to.

On the soundtrack there is a Flamenco rendition of “You’ve Got a Friend in me” done by the Gipsy Kings:
Gipsy Kings- You’ve Got a Friend in Me[audio:]

Check out “We Belong Together” the ending theme that might become the next Disney classic.
Randy Newman- We Belong Together[audio:]