by Tiana Feng

Hot Hot Heat if you have never heard of them is an indie-band from Victoria BC, Canada. I’ve only actually recently discovered them but since the band formed in 1999, members have been replaced and their sound has changed significantly so it didn’t really matter when you started to listen to them, you could still enjoy this album on its own. I’ve heard their earlier stuff kinda sucks but they’ve grown since then.

This lo-fi band still packs a punch in sound. Some parts of Future Breeds reminds me a little of Vampire Weekend’s Contra for some reason maybe the instrumentation is sort of similar in a few tracks, but still just as interesting to listen to. There’s a varied instrumentation throughout. In Buziness as Uzual, I think they brought back the orchestra that you heard on their 2007 release Happiness LTD, you can hear layering of sound with the violin melody against the electric bass. In tracks such as Jedidiah you can really hear them going back to their synthpunk roots because for a few seconds you feel like you are listening to a punk band.

If you’re a vampire weekend fan you should definitely check out the album.

Hot Hot Heat- Buziness az Uzual[audio:]
Hot Hot Heat- Future Breeds[audio:]