by Tiana Feng

I made the mistake of asking people on twitter what today’s Playlist Friday topic should be. Listenb4youbuy dude was the first to answer and said BADGERS so here is a very interest array of songs about badgers (literally or figuratively) or that mention badgers.


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1.Mason- The Badger[audio:]
2.Blitzen Trapper- Badger’s Black Brigade[audio:]
3.Dead Milkmen- The Badger Song[audio:]
4.Jonti Picking- Badger Badger Badger [audio:]
5.The Tea Party- The Badger[audio:]
6.Red Hot Chili Peppers- Jazz Badger[audio:]
7.Unknown- Shojoji No Tanuki Bayashi (Japanese Badger Song)[audio:]
8.Desync- Badger (Original Mix)[audio:]
9.Plasmotek- Badger[audio:]
10.For the Win- Lucky Badger (Up the Punx)[audio:]