by Tiana Feng

I’ve reviewed the album before but yesterday I got the opportunity to see this Broadway rock show live in action. Their show took place at “Bread and Circus” a small venue as part of Toronto’s Fringe Festival..

Their performance was so much fun. The group did a great job telling an interesting story with very limited resources. I thought they worked the instruments as well as mic placements quite well to make sense with the story. Geoff Stevens who played the main character “Stan” kept me smiling with his entertaining actions and dance moves, great facial expressions and oh my god gold man leggings.

The show was only an hour long. I had listened to the CD beforehand so I knew what the story. However they did a great job of acting it out with only the 6 members of the band; Justine Moritz, Marko Pandza, Nemanja Protic, Geoff Stevens, David Yenovkian and Mackenzie Zufelt- who sing and play all the songs. The story itself was written by the band itself. I didn’t get to take any pictures because I thought it might be too disruptive and I was too busy listening to them perform their catchy tunes!

Stagehands- Now or Never[audio:]