Tiana Feng

Stephen’s new album The Crave was released June 26 with Universal Music. He is London-based Blues guitarist and really takes you back to good old days of rock and roll when you listen to his song and style. He has played alongside big acts such as Eric Clapton, David Gilmore and even B.B King and survived the rock and role life style of drugs and alcohol. The Crave will be Stephen’s second release the first being “Guitararama” which made Top 10 HMV Blues Chart in the UK.

Check out the title track of the album:
Stephen Dale Petite- The Crave

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  1. Ralph B

    I saw him at high voltage festival and all I can say is wow, how is this guy not more famous! Ive been to see the likes of clapton and page and beck, even the newer generation like mayer and bonomassa, but this guy is well up there with them! He is a machine with the guitar and live is so energetic!! The Crave is amazing, but you need to see this guy live to know what he’s about!