by Tiana Feng

Stars is my not so secret addiction. I don’t think I have gone for a week in the past year without hearing an entire album atleast once. I recently learned that all five members of Stars are part of Broken Social Scene, but that’s a different story and the music and atmosphere Stars creates is so much different than in that of Broken Social Scene.

Five Ghosts has probably grown into one of my favourite albums from them. It was officially released on June 22, but it was leaked much before. What has made Stars so unique and appeal to fans is their singable melodies and the dreamy atmosphere that I can often find myself lost in. Their songs are infectious without being cute or over the top. Each song has perfect hooks that are not overly predictable.

This album seems a bit more lo-fi and subdued than the previous albums with more electronic funkiness added in. Whats great is that is indie music that is accessible, catchy and beautiful without being corny. Songs that I think will become major favourites are “Fixed” the first single off the album and most polished sounding piece with one of the greatest hooks the band has ever created. Even the electronic background get stuck in my head. Another track that I can see becoming a fav is “I Died So I Could Haunt You”. It is one of those loveable stars tracks that are beautiful in its lyrics, and harmonic arrangement in its simplicity.

“Dead Hearts” is a gorgeous song. The arrangement is beautiful but I think I would love it just as much if it was just voices. This song measures up to “Your Ex-Girlfriend is Dead”. What made that song great, is found in this track.

All in all The Five Ghosts is a collection of wonderful dreamy songs mixed in with catchy upbeat ones that get you dancing. This is definitely one of my favourite albums to come out this year.

Stars- I Died So I Could Haunt You[audio:]
Stars- Fixed[audio:]
Stars-Dead Hearts[audio:]
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