by Tiana Feng

I attended the FM USA conference at NXNE. During the event we were to give tracks rating from 1-10 and the panel, who were from American Triple A radio stations rated them as well. Triple A station stands for Adult Album Alternative which is usually on the edge of mainstream pop and rock and a mix of indie, alternative rock and alternative country, jazz, folk, world music and blues. They gave insight/input as to if they would put the track on radio or not from just the one hearing and why or why not. Here are the tracks that were featured during the conference. What do you feel about them?

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1.Dan Mangan- Road Regrets[audio:]
2. Lindi Ortega- Angels by My Side (I don’t think this track is released yet)
3.Arcade Fire- Ready to Start[audio:]
4.Buck 65 feat. Jenn Grant- Paper Airplanes[audio:]
5.Hot Hot Heat- Goddess on the Prairie[audio:]
6.The Weepies- I Was Made for Sunny Days[audio:]
7.Luke Doucet- Ballad of Ian Curtis[audio:]
8.Lynn Miles- Fearless Heart[audio:]
9.Ray LaMontagne- Beg, Steal or Borrow[audio:]