by Tiana Feng

Elyse Saunders
Elyse is a young country artist from Peterborough, Ontario who is currently trying to make her mark in the country music scene. Currently she has many singles that have been released as well as a self-titled album and is working on a new EP, release date not yet confirmed.

Check out one of her singles “Nobody’s Watchin'” that displays her soulful country voice that is full of honest raw emotion.
Elyse Saunders- Nobody’s Watchin’[audio:]
Check out more of her music on her MYSPACE and OFFICIAL WEBSITE.

If you’re in Toronto she has an upcoming show in July at Drake Hotel in their Elvis Mondays Showcase, I’ll keep you posted.

2 Responses

  1. Michael

    A great new country artist! there will be a lot coming from her in the near future.