by Tiana Feng

I actually listened to this album easier than I thought. Usually electro music gets too “UNST UNST UNST” beats and an entire album would get me bored, but this was not the case. This one actually managed to keep my attention through track by track. The album is full of quite lengthy songs staring with Snow the shortest. The track features some vocals with a female saying “lifting me hire” in an airy voice in a continuous way that builds tension with the background sounds that seem to get higher until the song that doesnt get resolved til track 2. If you only listened to the track, you get cut off in the most awkward way. The whole CD is meant to be listened as a whole, and listening to a single track would not do it justice.

Escape the Velocity the second track of the album is 11 minutes and 57 seconds and holds many interesting events with continuous layering of sound that turns into the sudden trademark Chemical Bros. dance beat. This track is long but is so interesting you almost think its more than one track until it becomes like the beginning with some funny noises. There are such a mixing of styles that a few tracks such as K+D+B remind me of Sigur Ros and allows this album to appeal to people who aren’t just into electro.

Horse Power