by Tiana Feng

This band was the first I came in contact with at NXNE. Vocalist/Guitarist Greg Rekus in line for the NXNE town hall. He was carrying his suitcase and guitar around with him because he had just flown in. The next day I ran into him again at the FM USA conference along with bass player Steve Nelson! We had an awesome time together rating songs at the conference and they bought me dinner at Gourmet Burritos! I also got their press kit along with their album “Full Blast”. They were some of the most down to earth and fun people to hang out with.

High Five drive is a punk band from Winnipeg Manitoba. Their members are made up of:
Greg Rekus, vocals, guitar
Steve Jowsey, drums, vocals
Marty LaFreniere, vocals, guitar
Steve Nelson, bass

They are alot bigger than I thought they were with over 100,000 plays on They have toured Europe 4 times, released an EP and 3 full length albums in Japan, Canada and Europe. They have supported acts such as Comeback Kid, A Wilhelm Scream, Protest the Hero and The Cancer Bats.

Full Blast
Sadly, I didn’t get to see their show because I was volunteering at a different venue on the same night. However I did get a copy of their CD in their press kit and had a thorough listen through it!

At first listen, they remind me of hardcore band From Autumn to Ashes because of the face paced guitar and rhythm section, but with less of the screamo that FATA has. It is on the boarder of hardcore and fast melodic punk.

The subject of lyrics have all the punk ideologies of human nature from its problems. Even the song titles are very reflectant of this idea from the first song Vengeance Theme to the last song, Underbreath Regrets.
In Inspiration is Realization you hear a more deep consciousness of whats going on in the world:

We all will live our lives as slaves of selfishness and greed. A life that’s comforting, when everybody wins, when you don’t see the face of those who starve before they are born

Inspiration is Realization[audio:]

Another world conscious song is Peace Lies Beyond Our Fear of Each Other that is an addicting song about war and peace. The song takes the mainstream chorus hook former and places it on very moving lyrics. This is one tune that really sticks in my head.
Peace Lies Beyond Our Fear of Eachother[audio:]

If you’re looking for new music in the world of punk you should definitely check these guys out! Their well written lyrics and catchy fast guitar parts make this album a fantastic listen.

High Five Drive – Foreign Mantras Make Great Role Models from Randy Frykas on Vimeo.