by Tiana Feng

Here is this week’s posts from Escape into the Lyrics:

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Young Artists for Haiti- Wavin’ Flag
[audio: artist for haiti – wavin’ flag.mp3]

 “But were not just dreamers

of broken down grievers

A hand will reach us
And will not forsake us”

Robyn- Say You’ll Walk the Distance

From the mountains to the sea
Cross the miles of memories
Through the endless dark 
Say you’ll walk the distance to my heart
Pass the walls of fear and pride
To a place where love can’t hide
Searching for a spark
Say you’ll walk the distance to my heart “

Elvis Costello- Let’s Misbehave

“You know my heart is true

and you say you for me care.  

Somebody’s sure to tell

but what they hell do we care?”

Apocalyptica/Lauri Ylönen/Ville Valo- Bittersweet

“Break this bittersweet spell on me
Lost in the arms of destiny”

The Mamas and Papas- Words of Love
[audio: Mamas and the Papas-The Best Of(Darkside_RG)/04 – Words Of Love .mp3]

“You oughta know by now
You oughta know 
You oughta know by now
Words of love, soft and tender,
Won’t win a girl’s heart anymore.”

Yeah Yeah Yeahs- Cheated Hearts

Cheated by the opposite of love

Held on high and up up up above

Kept my high from the second one

Kept my eye on the first one now”

No Doubt- Don’t Speak


“Our memories 
Well, they can be inviting 
But some are altogether 
Mighty frightening”