by Tiana Feng

Yesterday was the first day I got to go to NXNE and I checked out the Music Town Hall (which I will blog about later) and one of the films.The Gift of Music is a film directed by Scott Rondeau that depicts all the ways in which music therapy can help aid people in need. It can do more than just heal people, but it can throw a lifeline to people who could be reached no other way. Music is used to increase the quality of life in individuals who may have given up. It can help people to communicate when language is no longer an option. The film was a very informative film that tried to teach people about music therapy and how much we generally overlook it in society. When people get a certain illness or condition, we often turn to the quickest way such as operations or drugs for healing, although this may never be the best way. As someone who studied music for years, I learnt a lot about music therapy and the film did a very excellent job of explaining it to the general public and opening up their eyes with touching success stories.

Here is a clip showing music therapy on a blind baby:

If you’re in town Check out the rest of the NXNE films