by Tiana Feng

Lately I keep finding myself very drawn to this album. I don’t know why reviews I’ve read keep comparing them to the past projects of James Mercer and Danger Mouse because this album is completely different from any of their past projects. However since Mercer is the vocalist, you can see how it would sound at first like another album from “The Shins”.

Together they balance out. Danger Mouse lives up to his name by wanting to experiment with the music where as Mercer is there to keep it from going too far. The songs were admitted by Mercer as being written together. The album is dark, yet very laid back, which I think is why it is so easy to listen to. Tracks such as The Ghost Inside make me feel like I’m listening to some good 80’s music, the falsetto making me think of Prince. There’s something about their experimentation together that is just so addictive, the simple, pensive moods of songs just make it so overpowering.

Broken Bells- Citizen
[audio: Citizen.mp3]

The Ghost Inside

Broken Bells – The Ghost Inside OFFICIAL VIDEO (Protein Exclusive) from Protein® on Vimeo.