by Tiana Feng

Future Trail is German band consisting of Melanie Güntzschel: Vocals / Lyrics,René Müller: Sounds / Programming and Gunnar Bock: Lyrics. Breaking New Ground was released in October 2009, and it is an example of modern cold wave electronics with female vocals. I didn’t really know how to tag this album, if “Gothtronic” was actually a thing I think thats where it would go. The album opens with the track “Signals” which is the second shortest on the album and it keeps you wanting more. Listening to the album is like coming across a haunted house, you don’t know why your so curious but you want to go inside. My favourite tracks on the album are Pacific and Never Farewell which come back to back and I think might be a double feature. They are definitely the stand out tracks of the album with creepy choirs, e-drums, and violins which give this really spooky halloween-ish atmosphere. The last track on the album “Satellite” is a Depeche Mode cover that is constructed into a very enjoyable new track.

Future Trail- Pacific
Future Trail- Never Farewell