by Tiana Feng

I know this topic is rather random. Feeney one of our writers here has a webcomic that focuses on the life of fish as they struggle to understand popular culture and life. HereFishieFishy has just recently moved to tumblr so go follow and reblog! As for songs, this is a rather weird topic to deal with in terms of songs. I mean how many songs about fish can you think of off the top of your head? Enjoy this random list of songs!

1.Empire of the Sun- Swordfish Hotkiss Night[audio:]
2.Joby Talbot- So Long and Thanks For All The Fish[audio:]
3.The Good Night Loving- Dead Fish on the Banks[audio:]
4.Little Tybee- I Wonder Which House the Fish Will Live In[audio:]
5.Said The Whale- The Fish and The Stars[audio:]
6.John Strider- Working is For People Who Don’t Know How to Fish[audio:]
7.Dela- How To Fish (feat. Reach)[audio:]
8.Our Lady Peace- Happiness and the Fish[audio:]
9.Nu Skiffle Brigade- Go Murder a Fish[audio:]
10.Tembr69- Space for Flying Fish[audio:]

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