Tiana Feng
I’ve recently stumbled upon this google chrome extension that has made my music blog listening experience so much easier.

ExtensionFM takes the mp3 links from blogs that you listen to and turns them into a convenient playlist so that you can continue listening to everything on a particular site even though you already left it. It auto detects mp3 links, so when you click on them it will open up the player, but to download it of course then you would have to click “save target as”. What is also amazing is that if you are a last.fm fiend, ExtensionFM does have a feature that integrates last.fm so it will scrobble everything you play.

Let’s take a look at how it works:
Here I am on one of my favourite blogs http://www.listenbeforeyoubuy.net/
It detected all the songs that are visible on the front page and when I pressed play, it would play them in order like it would in iTunes.
If you expand the Extension FM into its own window, you can get a whole library full of things you visited in the past, it’s almost like having a whole other music library right in your browser!

The extension can also be expanded to look like this, organizing all the mp3 links you have stumbled upon in history. So if you heard a song and can’t remember where you found it, this might help.

This is probably my favourite google chrome app ever, and if you are still unconvinced/confused. You can watch this 60 second video:
[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-6EtraV_TIQ&feature=player_embedded]
It sure would make your experience listening to my playlists, or the 1000 album journey alot easier!

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