Tiana Feng

Man, although it is still technically Spring the weather feels like the middle of July. I chased the icecream truck today and thus came the inspiration to this week’s playlist theme. This was actually quite a difficult one!
1.Van Halen- Icecream Man[audio:http://dahlbergcentral.com/sound/VH_IceCreamMan.mp3]
2.Sarah McLachlan- (Your Love is Better Than)Icecream[audio:http://beforethedawn.ca/audio/Marina/IceCream.mp3]
3.Tom Waits- Icecream Man[audio:http://las-solanas.com/kwfm/concerts/tom waits/14 ice cream man.mp3]
4.Buckwheat Boyz- Icecream and Cake[audio:http://www.dorishemar.com/files/ice-cream-and-cake.mp3]
5.Raekwon- Icecream[audio:http://moistworks.com/mp3/Raekwon_IceCream.mp3]
6.Hannah Montana- Icecream Freeze[audio: Montana//Ice cream freeze.mp3]
7.Jeffree Star- Icecream[audio:http://groovebat.com/download/rm.mp3]
8.Weird Al Yankovic- I Love Rocky Road[audio:http://www.findthebesthere.com/I%20Love%20Rocky%20Road.mp3]
9.Acid Eaters- Icecream Girl[audio:http://www.simuze.nl/live/public/brommer/mp3hi/Acid_Eaters_Icecream_Girl.mp3]
10.New Young Pony Club- Icecream (Tiga Remix)[audio:http://www.rednicko.com/oct2/NewYoungPonyClub-IceCream(TigaRemix).mp3]

Want to challenge me and give me a random playlist topic for next week?? I’ll take you on!!

2 Responses

  1. Swapmeet Louie

    I haven’t heard “I Love Rocky Road” in a LONG time! Thank you for that!

    Great mix here… love the theme!