Joel Zimmerman a.k.a. deadmau5 is one of the biggest progressive house artists soon to lead the way in how electronic music is played and displayed ;). He is currently on bringing his brand new stage show around the world!

Deadmau5 has got to be one of the most realest people in the electronic music at the moment, he is so connected with his fans through his facebook (his cat’s facebook), chatting online through UStream and meeting fans after his shows. I really appreciate him as he’s a total computer geek like me XD, all of his sets are digital and doesn’t use CDs at all (I completely agree with him saying that all the vinyl bashers are going backwards – I say “get with it, or get left behiiind” :P) and most of his music is programmed on computers. And if you look at some of his live shows, a lot of them have really heavy variations as to give each crowd its unique show.

His new stage show debuted at the Coachella festival and involves a brand new iconic mau5head with the front face full of LEDs to compliment an amazing LED cube, made by the same people involved in creating the legendary Daft Punk pyramid. With half a million in budget spent on the new stage, it sure pleases the eyes as well as the ears!

On first sight of the cube, it’s truly stunning, you think nothing of it until it comes on. My clubbing partner is really old skool in electronic music and said to me “Let’s move over there, that big speaker is in the way,” I replied “… That’s the stage, he goes on top of that” and he was like “Wuuuuut!?”

Joel steps onto the stage wearing his gleaming mau5head during the intro of his new track Strobe and proceeded to play to a 14+ crowd. It’s so inspiring to see a younger generation getting their first glimpse of the clubbing experience and appreciating electronic music, although I do not recommend going to such an open age event – those kids have too much energy! You can tell they’re excited when they’re jumping around when there’s no beat hah. He lays down fan favourites like Ghosts ‘n’ Stuff and oldies such as The Reward Is Cheese. Seeing an artist live is one of the biggest things if your’re a fan of music and deadmau5 did not disappoint. He played an absolutely destructive, never before heard track called Cthulhu Sleeps (yep, based on the monster with the octopus mouth) which I cannot wait for release; he’s currently deciding on whether to put a vocal on it.

The most memorable part of the show, was when the music was playing normally, everyone’s having a good time, then all of a sudden the music stops.. Pauses for like 2 seconds and then the all recognisable Blue Screen Of Death appears. I loved that, it was so cool and unexpected.

So here’s another video from my personal collection for you to enjoy. It includes an unreleased/unfinished track which I think is going to be called Hard Selection – I like how the kid in front tries to mimic the build up using his hand (use your fingers and arms! XD), there’s an upcoming clubber right there.

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