Czerwone Gitary (“The Red Guitars” in English) was one of my favourite bands when I was a child. They were exrtemely popular in the 1960s, and had such a characteristic classic rock sound that they were known as the “Polish Beatles.” They played until the 1980s, and reformed in the 1990s with three original members and three new ones, and it was this incarnation that I was fortunate enough to see in concert a few months ago. I was definitely the youngest in the audience, but better still is the fact that my mom, who I saw them with, was probably the second youngest. Nevertheless, they put on a great show, even though some of them were well into their 60s!

Czerwone Gitary have a wide variety of songs, and with much difficulty I was able to pick a few songs to demonstrate how their style can range from serious to downright silly.

This one is entitled “Anna Maria” and is a sad song about a girl who is looking sadly out the window…but no one is certain exactly who the song is about. I’ve heard many stories, but regardless it remains a beautiful song.

This song is called “Nie Zadzieraj Nosa,” which basically means “Don’t be stuck up.”

And to finish off, a Youtube clip of a concert from many, many years ago. Percussionist Jerzy Skrzypczyk is bidding the audience farewell and introducing their final song, “Niebo z Moich Stron,” which translates roughly to “The sky where I’m from.” When I saw them in concert, the percussionist was still the same, and he’s still just as lively and chatty with the audience.


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